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Metta Yoga By Larissa a unique yoga experience for personalized classes.

Metta in Pali (Maitrī in Sanskrit) means benevolence, loving-kindness, The compassion and universal loving-kindness concept of Metta englobes the idea of universal love and support which is what I strive to share with you in my classes. My classes create the opportunity for you to share an experience in a safe space without any form of fear or judgment so that you may find full lasting relaxation. Each class is created and modified in order to take into account how the mind and body is feeling depending on the days. My approach doesn’t necessitate any prior knowledge and is accessible to absolutely everyone, regardless of your age or physical condition. It does not require any specific abilities and most importantly nor does it constitute any form of competition. Yoga, in other words: breathing, introspection and loving-kindness, enables each and every one of us to discover our own power. Sharing and communicating these values to you, as well as the techniques that constitute them, is the goal that I wish to reach.


Larissa M.

Yoga came into my life little by little over the years, starting when I was studying in Miami in 2013. This passion took life more concretely when I moved to Montreal for Graduate School. Indeed, at that moment I had to make important decisions regarding my future and mostly where my priorities laid. I realized that if I truly wanted to help and support the people surrounding me, as well as make a living out of it, I should initiate them to the art that helped me the most. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to be able to travel a lot and live in different countries around the world. Being able to observe and share the various values proned in different cultures and how they intertwine with our own. The search for happiness is a common denominator I found all over. That is why I wish to be able to contribute to bringing into our lives more balance, more respect and more happiness by proposing classes that take into account the human being as a whole, mind and body.

Types of Yoga I teach


Dynamic Yoga

This type of yoga is a rather fast sequence of movements in which the positions (asanas) are combined in order to obtain a precise position. The poses (asanas) are linked together through breathing and breath work in a sequence of fluid movements that listen to your body. You will feel both energetic and relaxed, concentrated and channelled.


Effort Yoga
This type of yoga focuses on effort and strength. The postures (asanas) are similar to vinyasa but with a slower rhythm that allows to hold the postures (asanas) longer to achieve deep muscle strengthening. You will feel both strengthened and balanced.


Deep Relaxation
This type of yoga focuses on deep stretching by combining a slow and deep breath (pranayama) to the movements. The focus here is on the connective tissue rather than the muscles, which helps to improve the body's flexibility. You will feel completely relaxed. Thanks to the longer holds of the asanas (postures), you will gradually learn how to access stillness of the mind and body, which in turn will give you the keys to obtain peace of mind

We have high standards regarding the importance of how yoga is taught and the respect of it's ancestral practices.

Routes of yoga

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